Like a Rock | Integrity

Character is like a rock.
If it's good character, it is the foundation upon which an incredible life is built.
If it is bad, it is like a boulder, an obstacle, that trips up and sinks a meaningful life.
Every person's character is developing or deteriorating. Only through intentionally pursuing good character can a person move towards the life they were meant to live.

Integrity means ONEā€”the entire message of your life is one, consistent message. You are the same publicly as privately. It ties all the other characteristics together.

Message Notes

Integrity is the character trait that holds everything else together.
It means ONE.

Integrity is unwavering commitment to what is right.

Integrity begins in our personal life.
Daniel 6:1-3
Integrity is observed in our personal life.
Daniel 6:5-6
Integrity is fortified in our professional life.
Daniel 6: 4-10
Integrity is eventually revealed in our public life.
Daniel 6:11-28