Awe & Wonder | Missing the Wonder

Snow or Sunshine.  Fruitcake or Cut-out Cookies.  Wassail or Eggnog. Nativity Scene or Train Set. Santa Claus or Saint Nick. Maybe all of the above – and more?
Whatever ingredients you choose for a magical Christmas, two are absolute necessities: Awe and Wonder. You can’t have a truly Merry Christmas without them. But busyness, struggle, and, well…just life…can strip away the awe and wonder and leave you deflated and cynical instead.
This Advent Season, come get a dose of what you really need.  Put a little Awe back into this season of Wonder.

From the very first Christmas until this one - 2,017 or so Christmases later - some people are awestruck with wonder, and others wonder what the fuss is all about. What makes the difference?  It’s in the Story.

Message Notes

From the very first Christmas until this one, the world has divided into three groups:

Those who reject the wonder.
Those who wonder what the fuss is all about.
Those who are awestruck with wonder

Herod rejected the wonder.
It threatened his power and position.

Matthew 2

The people of Bethlehem overlooked the wonder.
They were busy with their own priorities.

Luke 2, Matthew 2

The shepherds and the wise men were transformed by the wonder.
The wise men prepared and sought the wonder.
The shepherds were surprised by the wonder, but they immediately responded with joy.

Don’t miss the wonder!