The Not So Silent Killer | Anger at the Almighty

Anger is a familiar emotion.

It motivates




Anger can lead to the death of relationships we cherish, the death of intimacy with God, even the death of our own spirits.

But…anger is an emotion God created.

So, what can we do about it?


at the heart of it…

the truth is…

I'm really angry at God.

How in the world do I handle that?

Message Notes

We get angry at God when we feel like he owes us something - and he didn't come through.

He's not mad at you.

Stay in relationship. Keep talking.

Decide to believe in a bigger picture.

Resist isolation.
Get involved in other people's lives.

We do not grieve like those with no hope,
we do not rage like those with no justice,
we do not suffer like those with no healing,
we do not wonder like those with no path.

Anger and sorrow are not the opposites of hope.

The Resurrection redeems the Cross – but, it doesn't make it easy.

When you are angry and hurting, sing your broken hallelujah.
A joyful Melody will eventually return.