I Know What You Did Last Summer | See You in September?

I know you couldn’t wait for summer - it was going to be the best ever!

But I know you didn’t actually make a plan.

And I know one lazy day melted into another.

I know the summer was over in the blink of an eye, and none of your “best ever” dreams came true.

Don’t fall into the same trap this year.

Let’s end the month together, planning for a summer you’ll never forget!

Summer is a growing season. Some people harvest a terrific relationship with God by summer’s end; while others have weeds run wild in theirs, and by September, everything is lost. You have to plan for a summer that grows you well and strong.

Message Notes

Mark 4:1-20

A farmer went out to plant some seed…

  • Hard Soil
  • Rocky Soil
  • Thorn-Infested Soil
  • Good Soil

What does all this mean?

  • Emotionally moved
  • No deep roots
  • Crowded out by other concerns
  • Hear and Grow and Share

See you in September?!