Put Me In, Coach! | This is YOUR Church

It’s baseball season! Our favorite MLB teams are vying for a chance at the World Series. T-ball tykes, high school and college sluggers, church and business league players have been giving it their best through the hot summer days. A true ball player doesn’t shy away from a challenge. When the stakes are high and the challenge is big, a winning player is anxious to get in the game and on the field. That winner’s plea is, “Put me in the game, Coach!”


We are in a championship drive for high stakes at Cornerstone. We want every player in the game and on the field! We need a BIG win, and it’s up to all of us. Get on the team and in the game!

The coach can’t win a game, let alone a championship, by himself. Every player needs to realize, “This is MY team, my church.” Taking ownership is essential.

Message Notes

This is YOUR team.

We take our clue from the first team, the early church followers of Jesus:

  • We dream big.
  • We expect God to act.
  • We risk failure.
  • We sacrifice greatly.

We give up our preferences and rights in order to love everybody well.  

Acts 15:19 sets the standard for how we play the game at Cornerstone:
"And so my judgment is that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God."