Put Me In, Coach! | Invest and Invite

It’s baseball season! Our favorite MLB teams are vying for a chance at the World Series. T-ball tykes, high school and college sluggers, church and business league players have been giving it their best through the hot summer days. A true ball player doesn’t shy away from a challenge. When the stakes are high and the challenge is big, a winning player is anxious to get in the game and on the field. That winner’s plea is, “Put me in the game, Coach!”

Players who are proud of their team and love the game want people to be part of the excitement. They are all about investing in others, sharing their enthusiasm, and inviting them to be part of a thrilling win!

Message Notes

People who didn’t like religion liked Jesus.

He told three stories about the goal in Luke 15.

The lost sheep

The lost coin

The lost boy

 It’s all about relationship. The ones who are gone are the focus of his attention.

 A group of believers with the heart of the Father focus in the same way.

 “Lost” is not offensive—it shows value. You only search for things that are valuable and precious.

 Searchers have to search—not talk about it.

 The key to our church remaining connected with God is INVEST and INVITE.

Pray for opportunities.

Be intentional in our relationships.

Everything we’ve done this morning we’ll do better in heaven. Everything but search.

 If we want to be a church where God feels free to show up, we have to deliberately be a church where people far away from God feel free to show up.