The Good Land of Er | Pushing The Plow, Burning The Plow

You were made for more.

Life can be better, you can be stronger, and the future can be greater if you work with God to fulfill your destiny and calling.

Through the real-life stories of the prophets Elijah and Elisha, we will learn how God works with people who work with him.

Elisha didn’t look for his destiny; his destiny found him. Then he had a choice to make. God finds us where we are, and we have choices too. Our better, stronger, greater future depends on them.

Message Notes

There was nothing glamorous about Elisha’s start.

God interrupted him with an invitation to the land of Er.

Elisha made a bold breakaway from his past.

Stepping up to your destiny:

Your destiny will find you, and you will have a choice to make.
Your choice: make a bold breakaway, or be harnessed to the ordinary.
God doesn’t necessarily tell you HOW he will do it, just that he WILL do it.
Burning your plow has a cost; the cost of not burning it is greater.