Brand | Strategic Influence

“Christian” is a loaded word, bringing to mind the best or the worst images.
Where did that word come from? Who coined the term? What is it supposed to mean?
Over the course of several weeks, we will re-examine the “Christian” brand -
and discover what it must mean if we claim it.

Under the Jesus brand, the strategic influence piece is deceptively simple: Show up and love!

The first followers of Jesus embraced this plan with utter seriousness and ended up changing the world. What would happen if we did that?

Message Notes

Through what lens do you view life?

Appointed or accidental?

Esther 4:6-14, NIV

Every aspect of life—both the awesome and the awful—is appointed.

“I am not the point of an appointed life. You are.”

You have no idea what—or who—hangs in the balance of your decision to live life on purpose.

Esther 8:15-17, NIV