The Greatest Letter Ever Written | Everything Is New

Have you ever received a letter that changed your life?  An acceptance letter?  A love letter?  A “Dear John”  letter?  A termination letter?  You know that the contents and the author are always key in the measure of impact. The letter to the Romans is unusually eloquent and truly life-changing. Paul wrote it, but it is apparent the contents come straight from God’s heart. When you get the letter and absorb what he has said, you will agree—this is the greatest letter ever written! Your confidence, your hope, your capacity will soar!

When Jesus came he made everything new! We have a new way to God, a new relationship with God, new hope, new peace, new power, and new perspective.

Message Notes

Bottom Line
My new transformed life, a gift through faith in Jesus, makes everything new.

Action Step

  1. List everything that is new in my life because of Jesus.

  2. Thank Jesus for all he has made new.