Like a Rock | Kindness

Character is like a rock.
If it's good character, it is the foundation upon which an incredible life is built.
If it is bad, it is like a boulder, an obstacle, that trips up and sinks a meaningful life.
Every person's character is developing or deteriorating. Only through intentionally pursuing good character can a person move towards the life they were meant to live.

Our culture has deteriorated to a place where lack of kindness is a way of life. But, demonstrating gentleness and warmth toward others has a boomerang effect—it not only helps others, it makes the kind person happier too. We are wired by God for kindness and everything gets better when we fertilize this quality.

Message Notes

Kindness: demonstrating gentleness and warmth to others.

Kindness is a two-sided coin. It is impossible to truly be kind without respect. Respect is valuing people and showing that value.

Kindness and respect are not suggestions from Jesus. They are COMMANDS.

      Ephesians 4:32
      I Peter 2:17

The foundation for Kindness and Respect:  everyone you will ever meet is an image-beset of God.

What does Kindness/Respect look like?

                Believing the best
                Differing without demonizing
                Guarding words and volume
                                Ephesians 4:29
                Quick apologies
                Forming opinions slowly
                Keeping promises
                Treating others as we wish to be treated

At some point we all have to decide: what kind of person am I going to be?