The Next Step

Getting to the great place you want to be is always a series of steps. So, what's The Next Step? Let's discover it together as we jump into fall. Cornerstone Church is taking some exciting steps – and you can get moving forward, too!

Message Notes

Who you are and what you do really matters.

Most of us are deeply in need of an “AHA Moment” to see what our lives are really about, and what our next step is.

Here’s Jesus’ AHA moment: 

 “Use what you have (your worldly resources) to benefit others and make friends; then, they will prepare your heavenly welcome.” (Luke, 16)

My situation is my platform and opportunity to invest in heaven. It’s my NEXT STEP.

What if I embraced my life as it really is - an opportunity to GIVE and SERVE?

What if you prepared your welcome home party now?