PLX Middle School cStudents

6th - 8th Grade

Sundays at 9 AM
PLX Campus

Our Middle School Students engage in powerful curriculum called "The Seven Checkpoints." These students have the opportunity to learn and grow in Authentic Faith, Spiritual Disciplines, Moral Boundaries, Meaningful Friendships, Wise Choices, Ultimate Authority and Putting Others First. Be sure your student is connected in this motivational life group to help them stay focused during the most challenging time of their life.

High school cStudents

9th - 12th Grade

Sundays at 5 PM
PLX Campus cStudents | Chapel Hill Christian School Gymnasium

MOG Campus cStudents | Student Room

Cornerstone Church hosts High School Hangout Sunday evenings. Come hang out with us, learn more about your relationship with God, play games, and encourage one another to find our identity in Christ!

In addition to attending a main worship experience, cStudents have the opportunity to serve as a Ministry Partner in a variety of areas.