brenda young

Senior Pastor

Brenda has been casting and leading the vision for Cornerstone Church since 1996. She is also the director of Clear Blue Global Water Project. She is a graduate of Ohio Christian University and Asbury Theological Seminary, and she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the Center for Contemporary Christianity in Bangalore, India. She is a frequent speaker at both national and international conferences and seminars. She is also an author, with two books currently selling: Only God (co-authored with Dwight Mason) and Grace and Truth: Finding Balance in the Christian Life. To contact Brenda please email her assistant at


gordon Hayberg

Cornerstone Mogadore Campus Pastor

Gordon is an ordained minister and a graduate of Kent State University and Ohio Christian University. His responsibilities include onsite pastoral leadership and teaching at Cornerstone Mogadore, as well as other administrative and associate pastor duties. Contact Gordon at


Jacob Young

Cornerstone Portage Lakes Campus Pastor

Jacob is an ordained minister and graduate of The University of Akron and Ohio Christian University. His responsibilities include onsite pastoral leadership and teaching at Cornerstone Portage Lakes, as well as other administrative and associate pastor duties. Contact Jacob at


Donnie Sanchez

NextGen Pastor

Donnie has experience in leading youth in both suburban and urban environments. He is passionate about leading people to find fulfillment in Christ. As the NextGen Pastor, Donnie casts vision for cKidz and cStudents. Along with casting vision, Donnie leads and develops the leaders of the NextGen team. Contact Donnie at


Rachel Carpenter

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Rachel's role is to design, develop, and implement strategic plans for the church across all mediums and campus-wide. She helps guide day-to-day operations, including leadership of teams and staff. In addition to office-based work, Rachel fulfills a motivational and mentoring role to members, volunteers, and staff; as well as continued development of the overall organizational culture. Contact Rachel at


Della Casto

Facility Care Director

In her position, Della oversees the development, maintenance, and quality care of the facility and grounds. She has an extensive background and experience in this type of work. Contact Della at


Nicole Dyer

Cornerstone Mogadore cKIDZ Director & Campus Administrative Assistant

Nicole has a heart to serve and is passionately invested in the next generation. In her position as cKidz Director, Nicole oversees the weekend experience in all age-level programming for infants through 5th grade. She helps cultivate a team approach in the endeavor to raise future leaders and provide excellent care for families, build a community of volunteers, and offer training and quarterly events for children and families. 
As Campus Administrative Assistant,she is responsible for all operations of the campus office as well as coordinates campus life needs and office Ministry Partners. Contact Nicole at


Bryce Haney

Production Arts Director

In his position as Production Arts Director, Bryce serves Cornerstone Church by guiding and directing the production teams to be fully prepared, technically and spiritually, for weekend services and special events. Bryce's experience with and passion for technology, together with a heart for the Church and people far from God, brings unique and powerful leadership to this area of ministry. Contact Bryce at


Alex McCrary

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Alex is a graduate of Ohio Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in Worship Leadership. He holds two important positions at Cornerstone Church. First, in his role as Worship Arts Director at our Mogadore location, he coordinates and leads all functions of the campus Worship Team. And through his role as the Social Media Ministry Coordinator, Alex leads the charge using social media platforms as an innovative, relevant way to share the message of Jesus and advance the mission of Cornerstone Church. Contact Alex at


Caitlyn McCrary

Cornerstone Portage Lakes cKIDZ Director 

Caitlyn is a graduate of Ohio Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has a deep love for ministry and a passion for serving and creating authentic, Christlike community. As cKidz Director, Caitlyn works to create an exciting, safe environment for children ages infancy to 5thgrade. She strives to invest in young lives for Christ, while training families and developing a strong team of volunteer leaders to assist in the growth of our children at Cornerstone. Contact Caitlyn at


Bruce Oberlin

Outreach Director

Bruce is passionate to reach the lowest and the least, and those who are far from God. In his position as Outreach Director, he oversees the efforts and leadership of our City Lights, Clear Blue Global Water Project, Operation Freedom Taskforce, and Global & Local Missions cTeams. Contact Bruce at


Taylor Poe

Marketing Director

In her position as Marketing Director, Taylor serves Cornerstone Church by leading and directing church-wide marketing and communications. She oversees visual communication on Cornerstone's brand and message through various media. Taylor is a graduate of Stark State College. Contact Taylor at


Debbie Ring

cLife Director

Debbie is especially gifted with people, which serves her well in her roles as Office Administrator and Communications Director. She handles office organization and efficiency, as well as encouraging and welcoming people who call and visit the church. She manages church publications, social media, and various aspects of Cornerstone's website. Additionally, she serves in a volunteer capacity as co-leader of Adult Ministries along with her husband, Jim. Contact Debbie at


Jordan Sanchez

Communications Administrator

Jordan has experience in Office Administration and Ministry Leadership. She has a warm and welcoming personality, with a bent towards the creative and a heart for Jesus and the people He loves. Jordan is responsible for all operations of the front office and leading office management Ministry Partners, as well as being a key part of the Communications Team. Contact Jordan at