Child Blessings
Sunday, October 6

Registration deadline Sunday, September 22

Cornerstone Church
Portage Lakes

Service Times: 9 AM, 10:30 AM & 12 PM
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9 AM-4 PM

Cornerstone Church

Service Times: 9 AM & 11 AM
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9 AM-1 PM

Cornerstone Church has a vision to pass a vital, relevant faith to new generations. As we partner with parents to accomplish this, we would treasure the privilege to bless your child before God and with their church family. 

Pick up a blessing packet the Welcome Center, Church Office, or download. As you listen to the three brief teaching talks we have provided, complete the homework. Nothing too tough, we promise. It's something that will enhance your parenting, and bless your child. 


Homework #1

On the provided card in the packet, write a description of the kind of person you hope your child will become over the next 18 years. Every year on their birthday, pull out the card. This will give you a chance to evaluate how you are doing as you lead your child spiritually, and to remember the importance of your child's relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Homework #2

On the provided card in the packet, write down two things you are going to do to invest in yourself and the supportive, significant relationships in your life. Maybe you will get a babysitter a couple of times a month so you can have some couple or personal time. Maybe the kids will go to bed early so you have couple or personal time at the end of every day. Maybe you will go for a walk every night after dinner and relax, enjoying God's creation. These kinds of practical decisions can make a huge impact on your relationships over the long haul. Decide what two things you are going to do and write them down.

Not only is it important to invest in your significant relationships with those who surround you, but you also need to deliberately invest in your relationship with your heavenly Father. Perhaps you will join a small group. Maybe you will commit to specific times of Bible reading and prayer each week. Make your decision about two things you will do right away to encourage growth in your relationship with God and write them down.

Homework #3

Fill out the registration and plan on visiting the children's areas some Sunday morning, and meeting some of the great people who will help you grow your child.